Summer Birthday Gifts for Children

Summer Birthday Gifts for Children

1) Books - I am a huge fan of giving books for a birthday, particularly because I don't think you can ever have enough children's books!! We have a blog post HERE about classic summer books for children, and we have a post HERE for classic spring books! A sweet one for a first birthday is One is One by Tasha Tudor. Beautiful illustrations!

2) Treasure Hunt Dive Set - Pool toys in the summer will always be appreciated!

3) Monogrammed Beach Towel - Available in pink or blue, this beach towel would be well-loved in the summer months! Gift with a fun pair of goggles, and you have the perfect summer present!

4) Scootiebug - This is the best scooter for younger toddlers. While my older boys love the popular Micro scooter (great for preschoolers), Scootiebug is much more stable for younger kids! It is an amazing entry-level scooter, and one your child will easily be able to learn how to ride!

5) Bow and Arrow Set - My two boys and daughter have had endless fun in the backyard with this bow and arrow set. It is pretty easy to maneuver, even for little hands, and they love having a goal (shooting the target), and achieving it! There's even a pink version!

6) Stomp Rocket - A stomp rocket is so fun for kids!! And tbh, they always break, so I am certain that even if your gift receiver already has a stomp rocket, it will be great to have another waiting in the wings! For when the rockets get stuck in trees, or land on the roof, or land in the alley, etc. 

7) Ride-On Jeep - If you're looking for a wow gift (hello grandparents!!), there is nothing more special than a ride-on jeep!! As the proud owner of a Barbie jeep back in the day, I can confirm that a lot of fun will be had!!

8) Harding Lane Hat - I have posted about these before on our hair accessories blog post, and they are still so fun!! There are so many options for both girls and boys (we own the strawberry, firetruck, helicopter, and train), and young children absolutely love wearing hats!!

9) Melissa and Doug Sprinkler - I live in Texas, and summers are extremely hot here. We essentially try to find any excuse to be in water at all times. This sprinkler is a great backyard toy, and I promise it will entertain your children for hours! Plus, it's water without the pool! Awesome for young kids!

10) Reusable Water Balloons - These are the COOLEST! My son received these for his summer birthday last year, and they were so fun! We took them to my parents' lake house, and the kids had a blast! I had never seen anything like them!


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