Hair Accessories to Wear with Classic Smocked Children's Clothing

Hair Accessories to Wear with Classic Smocked Children's Clothing

When I found out that I was having a girl (after having two boys), one of my first thoughts was that I could not wait to dress her in classic smocked clothing, quickly followed by the thought that I could not wait to put bows in her hair! When my sweet, precious, angel baby girl showed up, I was dismayed to find that she had no hair. At the tender age of two, after outgrowing her mullet phase, she almost finally has enough hair to wear a bow.

Of course, it's really a love-hate relationship though. When she gets up, the first thing she says is "Bow in!" I put a bow in, and she immediately says, "Don't like it!" So...we're working on it, HA! In the meantime, here are some precious ideas for hair accessories for your classic kid!

Wee Ones Bows - The OG classic bow company is Wee Ones, and their hair accessories do not disappoint! These bows are extremely well-made and will last through all your children - as long as they're not left at every playground along the way...

Amazon Bow Packs - I feel like this is one of my best bow hacks for younger girls. On Amazon, you can buy packs of 100 bows for under $15! If you're patient, you can get these packs on Prime Day for less than $8. I have purchased two different packs of bows like this from Amazon. We have every color of bow under the rainbow, and I'm not at all worried if my daughter takes one out and leaves it somewhere! Also, and I know this is a controversial opinion, I am not a fan of the baby bow hair wraps. I would rather wait until my daughter has enough hair to slip in one of these little bows, but to each his own!

Confetti Headbands - Until my two-year-old snapped this headband in half (whoops), this was one of her favorite hair accessories! It is so fun and goes with every outfit because of all the colors. I highly recommend buying and supporting this small business! We'll be buying a new one soon too!

Winn and William Bows - Winn and William bows are hand-embroidered in Dallas, TX, and they are STUNNING! They make both bows and headbands, and they have tons of different design options - names, flowers, crosses, strawberries, cupcakes, Christmas trees, etc! When my daughter's hair has grown out a little more, we will definitely be purchasing some of these!

Two Sisters Bows - These bows are another handmade option - this time hand painted instead of embroidered! They are made in the USA, and they have endless customizable options! You can choose your own icons, add your daughter's monogram, and more. In addition, there are plenty of other options on the site, including holidays, colleges, Disney characters, and more!

And finally, we can't forget about the boys! For boys, my favorite "hair" accessories are these hats by Harding Lane! They have so many amazing options and fit kids from ages 1 to 10! They do also have some precious girl options (like a pink strawberry hat for example) as well!

Check out this blog post to find out what classic shoes you should pair with smocked clothing! There's one surprise shoe that I doubt you'll expect. Comment below with your favorite hair accessory!

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