Our Story

Little Sloans was founded in 2024 by Madison Sloan. Madison grew up in Atlanta, GA with a mom who dressed her in impeccably-designed classic children's smocked clothing. One of three girls, Madison was surprised when her first two children were curious and active little boys!

Madison found herself immersed in little boy world, with all its muddiness, firetrucks, jumping, cars, climbing, and everything in between. She found that boys' smocked clothing did not always capture the snips, snails, and puppy dog tails (so to speak) of little boys and dreamed of one day creating her own line. After her daughter was born, Madison decided to pursue this passion, and Little Sloans was launched in Dallas, TX. 

Little Sloans creates heirloom-quality smocked pieces that your children will be excited about. We believe children should be dressed like the joyful gifts that they are. Our pieces are made to be worn for all of your children's adventures - catching fireflies in the summer, swinging at the playground, fishing with grandfather, and anything else their creative minds can imagine!