What shoes should my child wear with classic smocked clothing?

What shoes should my child wear with classic smocked clothing?

As we all know, shoes complete an outfit! Here at Little Sloans, we thought we would pull together suggestions for your cutie's precious feet!


My favorite shoes for little boys are the Keds Graham Sneaker. I think my boys own these shoes in every size in both navy and red! My oldest is currently in the biggest size, and I can't believe I'll have to find another shoe. Admittedly, they can be difficult to tie, but I promise cuteness is such a fun reward! This shoe also comes in pink, so little girls can partake as well!

Keds Graham Sneaker 

For the summer, we LOVE the Native Jefferson shoe. This shoe allows children to engage in messy/wet/muddy summer play and still look pulled together! Two major plusses: no laces and they double as water shoes! My pro tip is to buy gray or white - I started purchasing gray for my boys, and my daughter can now wear them as well! 

Native Jefferson Shoe

For dressy days like Easter and Christmas, nothing looks more pulled together than the Footmates Saddle Oxfords. Truly a classic staple, these shoes will never go out of style.

In the final shoe of the boys' round-up, I've included the Old West Cowboy Boots that my children LOVE! My middle child has literally worn a hole in the toe, he wears these shoes so much. You really cannot beat cowboy boots for an easy slip-on shoe, and they look precious with all outfits!!


The Daphne Keds sneaker holds a special place in my heart. This shoe is truly multipurpose - it can be worn all year and with any style of clothing, dressed up or dressed down! I wore this shoe as a child, and now my daughter is wearing it, and there is nothing sweeter than that!! Also, pro tip: Keds has GREAT sales. Their best is on Black Friday, and I have been known to stock up!

Very similar to Keds in terms of versatility and wearability are Cientas!! While I tend to stick with Keds for our white sneakers, I love Cientas Mary Janes for their variety of colors! Sometimes the pop of blue/pink/red is what really levels up an outfit!

In the summer, there is nothing cuter than the Footmates Ariel Sandals. They are classic and comfy, and they look at home both at the playground and at church! I always put a new pair in my daughter's Easter basket, so she's ready to go for the summer!

For dressy occasions, the Footmates Sherry Mary Jane is precious and perfect!! A little heavy, I think this shoe is better for kids aged 3 and up. These shoes are so well-made, you could truly use them for y'all your children and probably even pass them down to your grandchildren!

Finally, we can't leave the girlies out when it comes to boots!! These pink boots may be my daughter's most prized possession. She LOVES them!!! I will put her in another pair of shoes and come back and she'll have taken them off and put on her boots (she is not even two). That's how awesome they are in her book. These Baby Deer Boots are the perfect pink - believe me, I've looked, and they are the best option for the stylish classic cowgirl!

HONORABLE MENTION: I don't know why this shoe gets me so much. Perhaps because it reminds me of picking out my own jellies for the summer when I was little. These Cat and Jack Jelly Sandals are an honorable mention since I don't know how classic they are per se...but truly they look SO precious with a little smocked dress, and they bring back all the memories for us millennial moms!!!

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