Classic Summer Books for Kids

Classic Summer Books for Kids

At Little Sloans, we love classic books ALMOST as much as we love classic clothes! Just like smocked children's clothing, classic books are timeless and capture the innocence of childhood so well. Read on for ten of our favorite classic children's books for the summer! Comment below with your favorite!

1) One Morning in Maine - Chances are you're familiar with one of Robert McCloskey's other books - Blueberries for Sal or Make Way for Ducklings. Both of those are amazing as well - at our house, we pretty much love every book McCloskey has written! This book follows Sal again as her first tooth falls out, and she loses it (literally). It is a sweet story about growing up, family relationships, and being outside clamming in the summer!

2) Swimmy - Leo Lionni's books have been around for a long time, but our family just got introduced to them! Swimmy is about a brave fish who experiences loss but is able to overcome his past and teach his other fish friends to be brave. The ending is sweet and very creative, and toddler through early elementary age kids will love it!

3) A House for Hermit CrabA House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle is a book about a creative hermit crab who collects friends to help him decorate his house/shell only to realize that he has grown too big for his shell and must find a new one (and new friends!). He takes this realization in stride, showing kids how to be optimistic and make the most of new situations. 

4) Jabari Jumps - I feel like you never totally know which books your children are going to obsess over, but this book by Gaia Cornwall is absolutely one that my kids request regularly!! This book follows Jabari as he works up the courage to jump off the diving board with encouragement from his dad. It is an awesome book, particularly for new swimmers, to learn about overcoming anxiety!

5) Snipp, Snapp, Snurr Learn to Swim - Another great choice for kids learning to swim! My kids have always loved Snipp, Snapp, Snurr books, and the Ricka, Flicka, Dicka books by the same author, Maj Lindman. This book shows the three boys the importance of learning to swim and being safe in the water.

6) A Day at the Seashore - There are so many amazing Little Golden Books, and A Day at the Seashore by Kathryn Jackson is so precious!! For a book written in 1951, the bathing suit styles are amazingly spot on for today's looks! This book will be enjoyed by older kids, but is probably best-suited for toddlers.

7) Hello Lighthouse - This story is really beautiful, and captures emotionally-moving material in a way that's understandable for children. It follows a lighthouse keeper as he gets married, has a baby, and ultimately has to leave his job after his lighthouse gets modernized. The story is equally sad, as you feel the keeper's disappointment in having to leave his lighthouse, and hopeful, as you see the family watch over the lighthouse from the land. The drawings are beautiful as well - I highly recommend!

8) Harry by the Sea - Harry by the Sea follows Harry (the Dirty Dog) as he goes to the beach and ends up unrecognizable to his family. Families of the original book by Gene Zion will love this follow-up as well!

9) Summer Story - Summer Story by Jill Barklem is a part of the Brambly Hedge series, which follows a town of mice as they attend and celebrate a wedding! In this series, there is one book for each season, and the stories are all illustrated beautifully!

10) Amos and Boris - This book by William Steig is not necessarily about summer...but it is about a whale, and whales live in the ocean, and we visit the ocean during the summer! This book is about a mouse and a whale who become friends after the whale rescues the mouse and how the mouse is ultimately able to return the favor. Amos and Boris boasts a rich vocabulary, and mom and dad will probably even learn some new words while reading!

We hope you enjoy this list!

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