How to Style Smocked Clothing for All Seasons

How to Style Smocked Clothing for All Seasons

Smocked clothing offers timeless appeal that transcends seasons. All it takes to transition your clothing is a few accessories!


My favorite transition accessory for boys is a white Peter Pan collared shirt. You can easily wear jonjons (both short and long) all winter over a Peter Pan collared shirt for added warmth!

For boys in bubbles, all you need is a sweater, a blanket, and/or a hat to make them winter-ready! Babies in bubbles are really never outside for that long, so a hat, sweater, and blanket should be ample (at least in the South). For church, you can add a pair of knee-high socks if you so choose!


The best transition item for girls is a classic pair of white tights! Tights can be found in both cotton and cable knit, which provide extra warmth for colder days. Similar to boys, girls can also wear white turtlenecks or Peter Pan collared shirts under sleeveless dresses.

Girls in bubbles will benefit from sweaters, hats, and blankets. My favorite sweater for girls is from Julius Berger. It is thick and soft and feels WAY more expensive than it actually is! I buy sweaters a size or so too big and then let my children grow into them.

Finally, my favorite classic "coat" for both boys and girls is the Widgeon. It is comfortable, easy to put on, and durable. 

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to transition your children's smocked clothing outfits throughout the year!

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