Heirloom Gifts to Give Your Children

Heirloom Gifts to Give Your Children

In a world of fast fashion and and flimsy toys, it is so satisfying for your children to receive an heirloom gift that can be displayed and passed down to their children. These classic gifts are timeless, and while your son or daughter might not be as jazzed about receiving a silver porringer as he/she would another Paw Patrol command center, one day your child will be so happy to have these items! I can speak from firsthand experience, as my own mother was big on giving us some of these same heirloom gifts as the ones below, and I am so excited to be able to share them with my own children!

1) Herend Figurine - The ultimate in heirloom gift giving, a Herend figurine will last forever and will always be something your children can cherish. My mom gave us Herend figurines for Christmas growing up, and I have marked important milestones in my children's lives with these figurines as well! My kids have received them when they were born and when they were baptized, and I anticipate giving them in the future as well!

2) Silver - Silver is another heirloom gift that can be passed down from your child to his or hers. There are so many silver options to choose from - cups, brushes, combs, porringers, rattles, spoons, bracelets and more. In addition, silver items can be engraved with your child's name, initials, and birth date and are truly beautiful to display and pass along!

3) Tiffany Piggy Bank - My children received these piggy banks from my husband's boss at the time, and they were such thoughtful gifts to receive! I look forward to giving my children allowance and teaching them to spend, give, and save. They look so great sitting up on our children's dressers!!

 4) Nice Dollhouse - Le Toy Van Dolls Houses are all stunning. I would be so happy with this dollhouse sitting in my daughter's room!

5) Madame Alexander Doll - My mom collected these dolls growing up, and so did I. I had a shelf in my room with all my dolls, and I also got to display the three that my mom had. One of my mom's was Alice in Wonderland, just like the doll below. These were truly an heirloom gift, passed on to me by mom, that I will get to pass onto my daughter. I only hope she will appreciate them as much as I appreciated getting to have my mother's!!

6) Name Train - Name trains are so fun to display in a little boy's nursery! They look beautiful on the shelf, and they are so fun to play with when he gets older!!

7) Petite Keep - A beautiful way to store all the aforementioned heirlooms! The personalization options are endless, and any child would be so excited to go through his or her treasures year after year!!

8) Personalized Birthday Plate - These plates are on my list of things to buy for my kids. I love how colorful and beautiful all of Tricia's items are. I think they are so joyful and innocent and precious, and I just love them so much!! What a sweet way to mark your child's birthday!!

9) Personalized Name Stool - I planned to buy these for my children last year for Christmas and did not. Recently, a friend who also has a "Hattie" asked if I wanted one of these name stools, as she had been given two. It felt like a Christmas miracle!!! These stools are so well-made, and I can't wait to get them for my boys!!

10) Peter Rabbit Treasury of Tales - A beautiful treasury of 23 original Beatrix Potter stories! What a gift for your young reader!

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