Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

It's always a conundrum in my house about what to give my husband for Father's Day, as he wants no gifts ever. I always say that he would have thrived in the Great Depression since he'd have no problem wearing a plastic bag for underwear. Half of his clothes are clothes he had in high school. He once organized my drawers using pieces of cardboard taped to the sides as he was not willing to purchase any sort of real drawer organizer. He would rather skip lunch than pay for it.

"I don't want any gifts!!" he says. I personally love giving gifts, but after hearing him complain for years about not wanting gifts, there have been times where I've obliged and gotten him nothing. And those years, he's been sad. In his heart of hearts, he wants a gift. That was a long intro to say that even if your husband/father wants nothing for Father's Day, you should still get him one of these below gifts anyway! I promise, he'll thank you.

1) Cadets Le Club Shorts - This is what we purchased for my husband for Father's Day. I also used it as an excuse to get my two boys matching pairs. My husband does not really have any shorts like this, and I think he'll like them!

2) Fanttik Cordless Screwdriver - This is the other item my husband will be receiving for Father's Day. He has a cordless screwdriver, but the battery does not last very long. The battery on this one is supposed to last a long time, and I've heard really great reviews of it!

3) Freezer Full of Breakfast Sandwiches - If my husband had not recently discovered "counting macros," I would have considered making him a freezer full of breakfast sandwiches! I think this is a genius idea for the husbands who really do NOT want a gift for Father's Day, but still want to feel special.

4) Allen Edmonds Leather Sneakers - Every time my husband wears these sneakers (which is multiple times a week), he comments on how they are his favorite shoes of all time. He is obsessed. Do your husband a favor and get him some of these!

5) Peter Millar Bathing Suit - A new bathing suit will serve him well over the summer! We've been swimming multiple times a week, and it's so nice for my husband to have a few different bathing suit options so he can use one when another is still wet!

6) Vuori T-Shirt and Joggers - For years, I've been threatening to buy my husband Lululemon workout attire since he literally only wears his high school soccer shorts. Because I knew he'd just return them, I never actually followed through. Recently though, he discovered Vuori, and he is hooked. He loves their Strato Tech Tee and the Ponto Performance Jogger, and I know your husband or father will too!!

7) Box of Snacks for His Office - Another inexpensive option is to buy your husband a box of fun snacks for his office! Fill it with all his favorite things, or use some of these ideas: GoMacro Bars, Chomps, Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars, Shar Impossibly Good Trail Mix, or Lara Bars!

8) Weezie Golf Towel - I really love everything Weezie makes. I own some of their robes, bath mats, and bath towels, and I think the quality and the way they look are awesome. This golf towel is no exception! With lots of different monogram options, you're sure to find one that works for the father you're shopping for!

9) Tecovas Cowboy Boots - If your husband/father does not have a good pair of cowboy boots, get him some of these! They are well-made and will last forever.

10) Massage Gun - For the dad who loves to work out, there's nothing more relaxing than a restorative massage!

Let us know which above is your favorite gift!


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