A Guide to Classic Boys' Clothing Styles

A Guide to Classic Boys' Clothing Styles

The different types of classic children's clothing can be foreign to new parents, especially if the parents themselves were not dressed in classic smocked clothing as kids! Today, we are going to explain the different styles of boys' clothing!

Bubble - Bubbles are one of my favorite clothing styles for baby boys. They come in both short and long sleeves and can be worn year-round!

Jonjon/Shortall - The terms "jonjon" and "shortall" are used interchangeably, and they both refer to a style of clothing that is similar to overalls. On colder days, you can wear a long-sleeved Peter Pan collar under a jonjon for added warmth!

Longall - Longalls are the same as shortalls/jonjons but with pants instead of shorts. These are worn in the fall and winter with a Peter Pan collared shirt underneath!

T-Shirt Set - These are self-explanatory and consist of a t-shirt with either a pair of shorts or a pair of pants.

Button-On - A button-on outfit is reserved for fancy occasions like a baptism, wedding, or Easter service. These outfits have shirts that tuck in and button onto a pair of shorts.

Daygown - A daygown feels to me like the ultimate in Southern classic dressing, mainly because I'm not sure people outside of the South would ever dress their  baby boys in gowns!! These are great for when babies are newborns. They are so much easier to change than pajamas!

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