A Guide to Classic Girls' Clothing Styles

A Guide to Classic Girls' Clothing Styles

Ironically, there are actually fewer classic clothing styles for girls than there are for boys (although more variation within the styles!). All girls' clothing pretty much falls into three categories - dresses, bubbles, and bloomer sets!

Dresses - Dresses are the best!!! Girls' dresses come in so many different shapes and styles!! Short sleeve, long sleeve, bishop sleeve, peter pan collars, a-line, twirl....there are so many options for the girlies!!!

Bubbles - I'm a bubble-obsessed mom!!! I don't know if there's anything cuter than a baby in a bubble. Bubbles can be worn year-round and come in both short and long sleeves!!

Bloomer Sets - Bloomer sets consist of a shirt with a pair of bloomers/diaper covers for the bottom. They are precious and another great option for girls!!

Currently, Little Sloans offers girls' dresses and bubbles, and we hope to start offering bloomer sets in the future!

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